🌿Escape the Crowds,

🌿Escape the Crowds,

🌿Escape the Crowds,


🌿Escape the Crowds,
Welcome to Kuuhouse🌿

For those weary of the bustling crowds on your journey through Japan, discover the tranquil haven of Kuuhouse. Here, nestled in the embrace of nature, time slows down, offering a sanctuary of peace and serenity.

✨The Essence of Kuuhouse✨

At Kuuhouse, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking vistas that wash away the chaos of daily life. Wake up to the gentle chorus of birds, savor a quiet tea in our serene garden, and rejuvenate with a stroll through the enchanting forest.

Our heartfelt hospitality ensures every guest experiences the true essence of Japan, where tradition meets comfort in the most harmonious way.

📸Words from Our Guests📸
“Staying here felt like stepping into a fairytale. The tranquility and beauty of this place brought immense peace to my soul.” -

🌸How to Book🌸
Visit our website or send us a direct message to check availability. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to our little piece of paradise.

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「農泊 ちかはぎ空の家 Kuuhouse」は山梨県西八代郡市川三郷町にある民宿です。 築180年以上の民家を約30年前にリノベイトし不便さを楽しむというより快適さを追求した上で無理のない、 あなたのままの自由を満喫していただけます。 店名 : 農泊 ちかはぎ空の家 Kuuhouse 住所 : 〒409-3602 山梨県 西八代郡市川三郷町山保8400 HP : https://www.kuuhouse.info/ URL : https://g.page/kuuhouse?share